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The Lead Chandelier is a busy place in the winter months. And all that eggnog puts us in the holiday spirit. To prove it, we’d like to give you a little present. (Can you believe it?! Please do, we’re serious.)

Photo5b_Hand Made Crafts Photo Tree
Win a Custom Photo Tree

We recently highlighted the Custom Photo Tree on our site (check out the post). We’d like to make you one.

How do you win? Tell us about your most memorable handmade gift, given or received. That’s it. Send it in a note, a poem, photos, anything, be creative! (Use our form or send us an email.) We’ll review the submissions by midnight, Christmas Eve and on Christmas morning, we’ll notify the lucky winner! (I told you. We really do love you!)

Photo5f_Hand Made Crafts Photo Tree
Win this Tree!

This month’s promotion is available to Everyone! So feel free to spread the word (Or, keep it to yourself…Ebenezer.)

Questions? Let me know! Thanks again for your support!

Bregan Hubbard
The Lead Chandelier

*Please note that this promotion is designed to award one winner. This promotion ends at 11:59pm December 24th, 2009.