Little Feet Dipped in Pewter

A friend of The Lead Chandelier, The Estate of Things, is planning a trip to New York. (In her honor, I’m writing this post with one of The Good Knight’s “Bronx” cocktails in hand – fantastic.)

New York is amazing in the Fall and her post has me revisiting one particular experience. Aside from an atmosphere that, with each visit, begs me to stay, I think about McSweeney’s. This curious little shop in Brooklyn is pleasantly narrow. Mostly a bookstore, the shelves and display case hold odd items designed to spark your imagination. Its wood floors and tall shelves direct you to a large case in the back where a clerk sits perched high above you. This setup whether or not intentional, forces you to look up at the register – and makes you feel, instantly, like a child who’s sneaked into some forbidden location. It’s intimate and you kind of feel like you’re in on a secret.

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Now, keep in mind that I’ve only been there once and your experience might be very different than mine. But I think of this encounter often and fondly.

What returns me to this memory time and time again is their selection of cast pewter fowl feet. I’ve always been fond of taxidermy, but the possibilities these tiny curios hold is endless. Six years and a quick Google search later, I discover just how accessible these little wonders are. The only remaining question – What do I make?

hand made crafts,cast pewter fowl feet,Cast Pewter Bird Feet,Cast Pewter Duck Feet,DIY Crafts

The order is in the mail – nearly (still deciding: 1, 2, 3). What will unfold? I have some ideas. What hand made crafts do you envision? Share your thoughts with TLC!

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