Imagination Required

Here’s an email I received from my good friend, Nails. Not only is she beautiful, she also delivers one gem of an imagination booster – sidewalk chalk wonderlands. She connects with her daughter using this skill and they’ve come up with some fantastic worlds of imagination.

Reading her note, I can’t help but be reminded of the playful photo collection by Jan Von Holleben of Germany, Dreams of Flying. Read on to find your inspiration…

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Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Love the site, Bregan! Arts & Crafts are a big deal in my house. I don’t play with dolls or transformers, so if Sky wants to kick it with mommy, that means we’re makin’ something. When she was just a baby I started by sitting her on my lap and holding a crayon in her hand. We’d sit and draw multi-colored circles together. Then she would sit and watch while I turned them into various creatures and objects.

sidewalk chalk ideas,hand made crafts,sidewalk chalk crafts,craft ideas,DIY Crafts
The Rocketteers

Mommy also doesn’t do tag or any such running sports, so one of our favorite outdoor pastimes is to do sidewalk chalk outlines of each other. Then we turn our shapes into fairies and make giant gardens all around them.

4 year olds are pretty easy to please when they’re making a mess. I keep us stocked in plain ol’ construction paper, paints, white glue and vials of glitter. Throw in some scissors and the possibilities are endless.

sidewalk chalk ideas,sidewalk chalk crafts,craft ideas,hand made crafts,DIY Crafts
The Superman

My dream is to have a studio of my own where I can add clay, a potters wheel, a kiln, canvas, glass and other such things to our arsenal. But to tell you the truth, making ‘kid stuff’ with Skylar is one of my favorite things to do. Sure it’s all very silly and only lasts through the next rain or as long as it survives on the refrigerator, but those activities still serve as a creative outlet for me too.

I have no idea who my daughter will be when she’s all grown up (though I have a few suspicions), but creativity is in her blood and something tells me that’s something we’ll always have in common.
It sounds like you share that with your mother as well.

Much love

Let us know what unique crafts you’ve come up with – with your kids or on your own.

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