Find Your Inspiration: Decorative Birdcage Ideas

I can hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet dipped in pewter!

I’ve placed my order. And in a few short days, two sets of Bluebird feet, a Dove bill and accompanying feet and one adorable pair of Mini Duck feet will come parading into my life.

And with this long awaited order, I’ve also impulsively purchased a couple tiny little birdcages to go with my bout of inspiration. Here are some others that I might add to the list. (Find even more photos here.)

Byzantine Iron Decorative Birdcage2
Byzantine Iron Decorative Birdcage from Save On Crafts

Antiqued Iron Decorative Birdcage4
Antiqued Iron Decorative Birdcage from Save On Crafts

Brass Decorative Birdcage
Small Brass Decorative Birdcage on Etsy

I’m not entirely sure what the end result will be, but I have some ideas. Do you?

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