DIY: Make Your Own Pasties (For the Burlesque Dancer in You)

If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs Friday night, consider heading down to The High Ball to catch the Black Widow Burlesque Anniversary Show! Cocktail attire and loads of entertainment make this a night you won’t want to miss. In anticipation of the big event, The Duke City Gypsy herself taught TLC how to make killer home made pasties with just a few basic crafting tools and a lot of sultry imagination.

Burlesque Pasties
Burlesque Pasties

Here’s how! With your typical grade school compass, cut two circles out of a thin sheet of craft foam (approximately 4″ in diameter). Next, cut a line to the center of each and overlap the edges to form a small cone. Use hot glue to secure the shape. Gather sequins, tassels, jewels and other adornments and start gluing!

If you decide to put your dainty decorations to work, try theater Spirit Gum (found at any costume shop for around $5) or dig into your makeup bag for eyelash glue, which, I’m told, works just as well to secure the decorations.

Burlesque Pasties 3
Hand Made Pasties Adorned with Sequins and Tassels

Black Widow Burlesque

Black Widow Burlesque

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