DIY: Ink Trees

During one very important Kindergarten art class, my teacher placed three items in front of me – a piece of paper, a tub of ink and a drinking straw. What grew from these seemingly insignificant objects was amazing. With no more than a dime-sized dab of ink near the bottom of the page and a decent set of 6 year old lungs, a tree began to sprout with dark and twisting limbs.

To create your very own natural beauty, start by selecting a thick water color paper. (Check out Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff for a wide selection of affordable papers.) With an eye dropper, place a small amount of India ink on the page where you’d like your tree to sprout. Keep in mind that beginning with the right amount of ink might require a little trial and error. More ink means thicker branches but the extra ink might seep through certain papers and cause your sheet to buckle. Less ink creates thinner limbs but might prevent your tree from growing past a sapling.

Once your “seed” ink is in place, hold your straw (cut to no more than 4 inches in length) at a 30 degree angle to the paper and blow. This angle allows you to move the ink into lines that begin to resemble the boughs of a tree. Continue to move the ink around until you are pleased with the branches you’ve created.

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When your tree is complete and dry, consider adding embellishments to enhance the design. Custom stamps, like those mentioned in a previous post, photos or other drawings add character to your original illustration. Cater your hand made crafts to a specific season or event by incorporating leaves, blossoms or photographs.

hand made crafts,stamp,stamps,diy,printmaking,scrap booking,scrap book

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Have ideas for other ways to decorate your tree? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Betsy Says:

    You make it look so beautiful and easy!

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