DIY: Edible Christmas Crafts

Every December, my twin sister, mom and I gather around the kitchen counter to create delicious edible Christmas crafts, most notably, Apple Santas, lovingly featured on The Estate of Things last December. Now in my own home, I do what I can to revisit these traditions with more modern materials and new ideas in order to create my own home grown traditions.

Photo3_Rudolf Waits for Santa
Rudolf Waits for Santa

This year, couple your Jolly ‘Ol Elf with his favorite pal, Rudolf the Red Nosed Rein-Pear. (He’s adorable and a fairly easy Christmas craft to make.) Here’s how.

You’ll need 1 large brown pear (try to find one whose top turns up when you lay it on its side), 6 toothpicks (for a nose, a tail and four legs), 2 pieces of grape vine (for Rudolf’s antlers – green grapes work best because of their thick vines), 2 cloves (for Rudolf’s eyes), small gum drops (for a nose, a tail, legs and hoofs – yellow, white, black and red work best).

Photo2_Rudolf Close
Cupboard Crafts

Ready? Me too. Remove the pear’s stem and stick toothpicks in the location of Rudolf’s legs. Slide 2 small yellow gum drops and one black drop onto each toothpick leg (all the way to the pear – round side out). Stick a toothpick into the base (tail) of the pear and afix half a yellow gumdrop for his tail (cut the long way). On the top of the pear where you removed the stem, stick in the final toothpick and slide 1 red gumdrop on for his nose! Stick 2 clove eyes into Rudolf’s head and your masterpiece is complete!

Place Rudolf in a Winter Wonderland of Little Debbie Christmas Trees or create a forest of 3D Christmas tree cookies for him to frolic in.

Having a party? Invite the whole gang – Make Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blixen too. Send TLC your pictures. We’d love to see your work. For more Rudolf pics, click here.

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  1. Betsy Says:

    that wasn’t our finest moment for a TEOT DIY post.. but your rein-pear is pretty D cute.

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