DIY: Custom Photo Tree

This past year, my sister was married and I found myself happily at her side creating original decorations for every nuptial event. Remembering a simple grade school project, where a dot of ink grew into wonderful, delicate twisting branches, I developed the custom photo tree. This unique gift was the perfect way to capture my sister’s wedding and its handmade charm.

Create your own custom photo tree as a holiday gift, to document your wedding, a baby’s first year, anniversary or other occasion. Combine photos, card remnants and rubber stamped leaves and blossoms to complete an original wall piece unique to your event.

Photo5f_Hand Made Crafts Photo Tree
Final Custom Photo Tree

You’ll need several sheets of 11×17″ printer friendly watercolor paper, black India ink, a drinking straw (cut to 4″), several (25+) digital photo files sized for print, .75 & 1″ hole punches, old invitations or decorative card stock, double sided tape & foam tape, leaf rubber stamps (TLC shows you how), pencil with rubber eraser and rubber stamp ink pads.

Create the tree that will hold your story. Check out our how to or skip the hassle and purchase a starter tree from our store. Edit your photos and punch perfect little photo circles. (Cut out your invitation fragments using the larger punch.)

Photo2b_Hand Made Crafts Photo Tree
Edit Your Photos

Once you have prepared all the pieces for the final design. Gather rubber stamps and ink. On a scrap piece of paper, test your stamps for the best color combination. You can even match your tree to the event’s season! Begin laying your photos and cut outs on the branches until you’ve established a layout you’re comfortable with. DO NOT affix any items yet. Once you’ve decided the locations your photos and cut outs will bloom, start to tape them in place making sure you alternate between two sided tape and foam tape for added dimension. Next, begin to fill empty areas with leaves of various colors and sizes.

Photo5b_Hand Made Crafts Photo Tree
Assemble Your Unique Creation

Prepare yourself as you will certainly receive loads of compliments for having constructed such an original piece. Congratulations!

For a full tutorial or if you have questions along the way, just ask. Find more photos here.

(Save time by ordering a premade tree or let TLC create the treasure for you.)

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